Traveling To Germany Is A Great Idea

I know that most people coming to this blog are looking for tech information and articles.  But I just thought that I would share my recent experience with traveling to Germany recently.  Germany is an amazing place full of leiderhosen, great beer, amazing scenery, and friendly people.  I have a lot of family ties to Germany, as it is half my nationality and cultural heritage.  So, going to Germany was a great idea for me.

When To Go

The best time to travel to Germany is either late spring or early fall.  This is because Germany gets the bulk of their rainfall in midsummer.  Yes, the temperatures are balmy, however the weather can be unpredictable.  You don’t want to travel all the way there only to be rained out for half of your trip!  Personally I would shoot for the “goldener Oktober”, which is German for “Golden October” and is my favorite time of the year in this magical place.  This is harvest season, and has some of my favorite weather.  If you’re a ski or snowboard buff, however, the Winter is a great time to hit the Alps.

Where To Go

Deciding where in Germany to go is a very difficult prospect indeed as there are simply so many cool places to visit.  I think the best strategy is to figure out what you want out of your trip.  Do you want to get the most of the modern culture?  Do you want to go on a history tour?  Do you want to see more urban areas or more countryside?  Determining what YOU want to see first will help you narrow down your choices.  Of course there are some staples that most people try to check off their list.  Berlin is one of the most popular tourist cities, with it’s modern flair and yet evidence of it’s tumultuous past in world history.  If cathedral cities are more your jam, the smaller cities of Bamberg and Regensberg might suit you.  The famous Black Forest would be a great destination for people looking to get some more natural beauty.  Check out Fodors Germany site for more ideas.

My Favorite Places

In Germany some of my most favorite places are more natural than urban.  I mentioned the Black Forest earlier, and it’s one of my most favorite destinations in the country.  Named after Black Forest Ham (just kidding – wanted to make sure you’re paying attention ;).  No, it was called the Black Forest because of its dark and very dense pine trees, making for a rather dark and shady woods.  It is along the border, and was known for its border town history as well as for iconic culture and craftsmanship.  The area is well known for the handmade cuckoo clocks that have been produced there for centuries.

Another one of my favorite things in Germany are the castles.  My favorite is the Burg Eltz castle, which was built in the 12th century and still boasts some of its original furnishings.  It’s a piece of history that is both beautiful and mysterious.  I can’t help but think of all the people that went before me on the stones.

Preparing For Your Trip

Learning a bit of German is a great idea before your trip.  I used Rocket German to learn some basic German and some useful phrases for travel.  Depending on what time of year you go, you will need to pack the appropriate garments.  A few travel guides are good, as well as an international phone data plan so that you can use GPS and maps so you don’t get lost.  Honestly prepare for this trip like you would any other trip.