A lot of people question the accuracy of a swab drug test. In many instances, the swab drug test scores as 98% effectivity rate and easily detecting more than 10 drugs and other dangerous substances. But what are the factors that really made the swab drug test effective?  

The Testing Kit Panels

One of the factors that affect the accuracy of a swab drug test is the panels used to test the specimen. Many swab drug tests often use a 12-panel testing kit to ensure that you get all of the possible traces of substances detected. However, there are other swab drug test kits from companies like confirm bio sciences, they offer 14 panels for their drug tests. That way, it is more accurate and they can trace more possible substances in your system.  

The Drugs and their Concentration

Other factors that you need to consider in the accuracy of swab drug tests are the drugs and their concentration.  Depending on the drugs and their concentration, they can take time before they can be detected. However, habitual users can easily trace substances in the span of few minutes. This is because substances in their system are more concentrated than the occasional users.

Person Administering the Swab Drug Test

It may not look like it, but this factor also plays an important role in the situation. If you happen to be doing the test on your own, with no medical background at all, there is a chance that you might not be able to get accurate results.  Nurses, doctors, medical technicians can help you determine the swab drug test. You should get one in your local hospital.

Although many people question their effectiveness, swab drug tests are still effective. If you wish to get a swab drug test, you can always go to your local hospital and get one from there. That way, your swab drug test is not just 98% percent effective but 100% more effective.